Weave Words Game


Weave Words

Weave Words is a fun new PC word game where you must try to uncover well known phrases and sayings. The game presents you with a hexagonal grid of letters tiles, which must be used to create words of three or more letters. Once a word is made, letters from the word can be chosen to try to uncover parts of the hidden phrase. As letters are chosen, correct choices will reveal more of the hidden phrase, while incorrect choices will result in the loss of a guess. Once you think you recognize the phrase, or have run out of guesses, you can attempt to solve the hidden phrase and move on to the next challenge.

Game Features

  • Over 3400 phrases to solve
  • 30 interesting subjects
  • 3 different gameplay modes
  • Create your own phrase packs
  • Download extra phrases for free
  • Soothing music by Staffan Melin

System Requirements

  • 300 MHz processor or better
  • 32 Mb RAM or better
  • Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Free Game Screenshots

Weave Words Screenshot 1Weave Words Screenshot 1
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